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First Ever Bridalwave Yay or Nay

By admin on March 8th, 2006 14 comments

Ms_yolanda_1 Maggie Sottero has been a favourite of mine for wedding gowns for some time now as she produces a wide range of elegant gowns from the simple column to the more dramatic romantic styles.

However with this Yolanda dress, I just can’t make up my mind.

As you can see on the left (or click on the pic for a bigger version), the dress has a rose blush corset back bodice with lace overlay and cap sleeves. The skirt is completely plain except for the contrasting print side panel.

Do you love it or hate it and why?

  • Ariana

    I love this dress! It is gorgeous, classy and different. The color may throw off some people, but we’re living in different times. I just wish I could carry it off.

  • cinnamonK

    LOVE, love, love it! It is so nice to see a change from the usual white or off-white, but still incorporating the traditional colour. The lines it creates flowing down the side of the gown is beautiful and the cap sleeves are very sweet and delicate. I really think it is just beautiful.

  • I wouldn’t say I HATE it, but I’m not keen. I’m far too traditional to go for colour on a wedding dress. If the red chiffon were ivory instead, it would be beautiful.

  • I’m torn. I can see that it’s a nice dress, but the stark difference in colors make me think of Two Face and other action heroes/villains with split personalities. What is it trying to be?

  • Meaculpa

    I love the idea but not sure about the color – a bit too contrasty for me… something a little more subltle would have been more appealing… stunning cut though…

  • Genevieve Primeau

    I went extreme and went with the Maggie Sottero Capri dress in Fushia ( solid RED dress) . So I love this dress as well. I say throw tradition out the window. Why be like everyone else!!! You will always be remembered.. instead of “oh yeah the bride wore white, same ole ole” And that is my two cents worth

  • I think I like it from the waist up, but I don’t like the way the skirt is just plain with the draping. I do like the color usage better than most color-splashed dresses though.

  • char*

    I love it!! I can see what Aprille said was a “two faced” look but I don’t care! it’s also great for Asians because white is traditionally not a good wedding dress color, and red is. now you have the best of both worlds!

  • Kristen

    Well, the dress is okay. Even though it looks like it would be quite a work out to wear it… it must way like twenty pounds.
    And with that vail and hair, oh boy! A little over the top, and that is saying something compaired to the dress because that thing is fancy!

  • I think it’s a great dress. The skirt is plain but it’s actually better this way because there’s already a lot going on with the top and the color. You don’t want it to be too overwhelming. Red is a common color for traditional Chinese wedding dresses, so a modern chinese bride might like this dress as having east meets west. For those who might like the contrast of the red against white, but don’t want too much of it, can consider a wearing a white dress, but with the veil from the picture. My own wedding dress was lilac on top and lots of white tulle for the skirt. I really liked the lilac but many cameras have problem capturing its shade (white balance slightly off) and it comes across as light blue in most pictures :-\

  • Kylie

    I completely agree with Gemma, while the overall style is nice, traditional is my thing. But I’m still going to go for Yay because its a nice design.

  • Alix

    Love the idea, not so thrilled about the execution. The detailing is lovely, and I rather like the plain/lace contrast, but the colors are a bit stark for my taste. A warmer underlayer, or a more understated detail would ring my bells.

  • Lottie

    Absolutely Vile!

    Sorry to any Brides to be but this is just plain awful. Bleurgh sleeves, yucky flowers, and why why why do brides subject themselves to that awful satin shiny material I’d rather wear the one you have as your shameful frock!!

    I have a Maggie Dress and I am sure the corseting will make you look fab but this is definatley not too me! Loo Roll Doll Anyone?


  • I LOVE IT!the lines are perfect, and the fabrics just amazing. not as traditional as I want to get married in, but still, I would love to have one of these just to dress up and pretend to be a princess =)

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