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Frock horror

By admin on March 10th, 2006 2 comments

Frockhorror2 This is quite possibly one of the most horrendous dresses we have had the misfortune to come across. Again, where to start? What to pick out first?

Let’s start with the material. Shiny shiny satin is just not a good look for anyone due to its tendancy to define the lumps and bumps that you are normally trying to hide. Then there are those puffed out eighties shoulders…

The sweatheart neckline is fine but the embroidery is way way too over the top. Thrown in to the mix is the translucent arms and embroidered neckline that frankly, should just not be there. And whilst a train is normally a beautiful accent to a dress, one that is gathered and pleated to this extent is not.

The full horror of the dress can be witnessed in multiple angles here but right now, my eyes are bleeding so take it away! Seen something worse? Let us know!

  • sharon

    Yes, but it won’t be many years before it’s a vintage 80s classic! ;0)

  • That is TRULY hideous! I’ve gone partially blind just looking at it!

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