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Mrs Who?

By admin on March 6th, 2006 Comments Off on Mrs Who?

Xtina_1[Laura] If you are a forthcoming bride, among the list of a million things to think about is what you intend to call yourself once you get hitched. Not every girl wants to change her name when she gets married, whereas newlywed popstar, Christina Aquilera, has chosen to be known legally as Maria Bratman following her nuptials. Considering changing your surname is one thing, but changing your first name as well seems to be a step too far. Then again, Aguilera is not known for making the best choices – remember the buttless chaps?

For those of you still umming and ahhing about whether to take your
other half’s name, here’s some articles that may help you decide one
way or the other.  

Should you change your surname?
Mrs, Ms, or Miss?
The Pros and Cons of changing your name

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