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Wednesday’s Yay or Nay

By admin on March 15th, 2006 3 comments

Yaynay2Last weeks ‘Dress Up or Dress Down?‘ got quite a mixed response with 8 of you liking the Maggie Sottero dress, 5 being torn due to its split personality. Only 1 of you gave it a firm dressing down!

So, lets see what you think of this weeks very traditional big white number. This Mon Cheri dress ticks most of the boxes – it’s classic, traditional and understated. The heavy dulciana satin bodice with its tipped shoulders harks back to the fifties era whilst the full tulle skirt gives it the modern princess look. The only embellishment is the pearl and rhinestones around the neckline.

You can see a couple of more pics after the jump then tell me how you feel… Is the dress the picture of traditional perfection or veering towards an uncomfortable juxtaposition between plain and princess?

Love it or hate it and why?

Yaynay2a View from the back (left)

Close up of bodice trim (right)Yaynay2b_1

  • Helen

    I have to say, in England there is a standard department store (Debenhams) frequented by the whole of middle england which has wedding dresses. They’re all just fine. They’re off the peg, in various polyester duchess satins, they’re safe and they’re fine. And this dress kinda reminds me of that. It’s a medium sized skirt, with a bit of chest, but not too much, little cap sleeves, so slightly off the shoulders but not too exposed… It’s all just fine. But if I had to wear it up the isle I would cry my little heart out. It says absolutely nothing of interest. If you’re going to do big skirt, do big skirt. If you’re going to have sleeves, have sleeves, likewise the piddling amount of embroidery!
    It’s not a vintage look, it’s not a modern look, it’s just a colour by numbers ‘wedding’ look. BORING!!!And the fact that this dress comes from or the like just sums it up.
    Much much much much much prefer the pink sashed lace wonder further down your page. Now that is interesting, classy, elegant, that little bit of sexy, and an injection of colour.

    It’s lager vs champagne.

  • Mandx

    I have to say that I find it dull as well. And those type of shoulder straps are very impractical for a wedding, as I found out when trying on a dress with such a shoulder on it, you can’t actually raise your arms much, so bye bye to that first dance, or cake cutting, or comfort in general.
    Its neither one thing nor another, its just plain bog standard looking to me. I wouldn’t look at this once, in a store, never mind twice.

  • Kara Grier

    I really love the simple elegance of this dress. It may seem plain to some, but I think that it allows for the beauty of the bride to shine. This style is not so busy that the bride gets lost in the dress. Weddings are about the bride and groom, not just what they wore. The style of this dress is infact a mixture of old world elegence, and modern style. It is only boring if the bride is boring. Clothes do not make people, people make clothing. Call me oldfashioned, but wedding dresses should be all white. When color is added to the dress, it goes from wedding to prom. I have tried on a dress like this one and I was very comfortable in it. Not only that, but I intend to have a first dance and cut my wedding cake all in a dress of this style; so I say to each her own.

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