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Yay or nay?

By admin on March 29th, 2006 8 comments

Berketex1_2I’m keen to hear what you think of this three quarter length dress from Berketex bride. It follows the trend of shortening hem lines in wedding dresses for a more modern and far less princessy look. The strapless gown has a sturdy looking bust with a raised waist accentuated by a pretty pink ribbon bow. The skirt flows into an A-line whilst the pink rose and leaf pattern gives the dress oomph.

But what do you think – do shorter dresses work for brides?

  • kitpixie

    It’s a little difficult to tell from the small pic, but I think I say yay. It would be lovely for an informal-but-elegant garden or beach wedding, and I do love the pink ribbon.

  • kitpixie

    For an informal-but-elegant garden or beach wedding? Lovely. I say yay!

  • Anna

    Yay- i love it ♥

  • Like the dress but prefer longer styles myself – you want to make sure that you don’t mistake a bride for a bridesmaid – so its a nay.

  • It’s a bit too simple for me, kind of like a bridesmaid’s dress. Yay if it’s just a small ceremony and Nay if it’s a larger affair.

  • Jessy

    Oh! So it’s a wedding dress…I thought it was a bridesmaid dress…Then Nay. I actually like it, it’s pretty, for either a bridesmaid or an tendee at the wedding, but certainly not for the bride.

  • hsnnah

    It IS bridesmaids dress – or at least that’s what they said at Berketex when I was looking for wedding dresses…. confused….

  • Sarah

    If my eyes do not decieve me, that dress is very similar to the one Kerry Katona, Sarah Harding etc wore for Jordan/Katie Price’s wedding! The article is OK said they were Berketex dresses (I have just checked the magazine, I can’t bring myself to throw them out, it’s best car crash wedding ever!)

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