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Single ring from Singelringen

By admin on April 14th, 2006 3 comments

SingelringenI’m sure there are more than a few seasoned guests out there who will attest to the minefield weddings can be for singles. From the ‘gosh, no, I’m not setting you up but cousin Ned is single and golly, sat right next to you!’ to the ritual humiliation of tossing the bouquet whilst someone mutters not so quietly about ‘shelves’ and ‘being on the’. On the other hand what better place to meet someone than on an occasion when everyone is feeling that extra bit loved up?

Singelringen have designed a gorgeous turquoise and silver ring -each with it’s own unique code engraved inside – for the single guy or gal so that they can recognise each other. With over 15,000 wearers worldwide (including Juliette Lewis) you can easily recognise the single status of your potential date and advertise that you are approachable too. If brides must insist on ‘helping’ everyone else to the same state of marital bliss, I’d quite like to see one on a ribbon tied to the bouquet.

  • sara

    Thanks to your article, my friend Cynthia decided to give each of her single bridesmaids and ushers a Singelringen as a pre-wedding gift. The turqoise went perfectly with the color scheme and made for a very bright mood.

  • Oh lovely! I hope your friend had a wonderful wedding.

  • paul

    hi,could anybody out there send me info on were to buy the single ring ….p.s could you also help me on british sizes,mines a size T…cheers!!!.)))))

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