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Splash, splurge or save?

By admin on April 7th, 2006 1 comment

HandsThe very first bit of wedding planning is probably the trickiest to get right – defining a budget. Will you splash out on a huge bash? Splurge on your credit cards? Or save up to a set amount and start married life debt free?

Average costs: You will, of course, have heard the much touted statistics that the average wedding costs £16-17,000. With 300,000 people marrying every year in the UK, that is an awful lot of dosh! In the US, CNN estimates that bridal spending equates to the same as Ireland’s GDP – $125 billion!

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend that much, or if you are very lucky, that little!

Shop around for bargains – buy your dress from a sample sale where the prices are greatly slashed and hire a suit. A little legwork can go a long way with finances – instead of going to a travel agent, ‘make’ your honeymoon using an online travel agency like Expedia and use our handy guide to creating your own keepsakes.

Who pays?: Only a third of brides’ Dads finance the day now with more and more couples paying for the whole or part of the event. The plus point is that the couple get more say if they are signing the cheques.

The outfits: Brides spend on average £750-£900 on their dress whilst the groom has a mere £200. Bridesmaids usually pay for their own outfits so don’t pick something they can’t afford unless you are prepared to chip in. Many high street shops have glamourous dresses that will look great on attendants.

Guests: Did you also know that guests often spend up to £500 to attend your wedding? This is made up of the cost of gifts, travel, accomodation and formal wear.

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  • Melissa

    Sigh- Americans are horrible. I hate to crap on my own people, but between shows like “My super sweet 16,” and “Bridezilla” Americans are just shown as being completly retarded with money. Anyone spending the same amount on a wedding that they could spend on their 1st home- is stupid. Plain and Simple- many Americans are stupid- God bless us every one =D

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