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Yay or Nay Wednesday

By admin on April 26th, 2006 7 comments

Yaynay6Last week’s black and cream concoction fared no better than the preceding frou-frou black gothic gown in your eyes. The general concenensus was that it was one big mess.

Yesterday I posted about wedding suits, so, to continue with that idea, this weeks Yay or Nay seeks a compromise. The Pronovias Glamour gown you are seeing here is all sleek sihouette without even a hint of the ruffles and and drama often found in bridal gowns. The silk taffeta shirt slides neatly into a dreamy skirt that pools at the floor with ornamentation provided by the large diamante clasp. I’m reminded some what of Sharon Stone’s husband’s shirt ensemble at the 1998 Oscars. But is at a Yay or Nay for you…  and why?

If chick lit is your thing, surf over to Trashionista for their Yay or Nay slot.

  • wednesday

    I’d like to know what to buy the happy couple. I’ve tried to be creative, but as a student there’s always the money issue…

  • wednesday

    Oh, and it looks like the lady is getting married at work. So nay.

  • Jenni

    Hmm I’m really torn on this one. For the idea I definitely say Yay – I know enough non-girly girls who would jump at the chance to have something more simple like this. On a personal level though its a Nay – I dream of bodices and puffy skirts and embroidery!

  • The photo’s a bit low-budget 80s, but I think for the right wedding – a smart city registry office do or something – it would work. So it’s a Yay from me in the right circumstances.

  • Shuzluva

    Nay. It’s just so…shiny. If the fabric wasn’t so shiny and the waist tie was better thought out (without that awful star-thingy) I’d really like it.

  • Shuzluva

    Don’t know what happened to the comment I just tried to post, but I’m trying again:

    Nay…it’s just so…SHINY! I love the silhouette, but the shiny fabric and the weird waist tie with that awful star-thingy is just ruining it for me.

  • It took me awhile to make my decision about this dress, but I’d have to say Nay. It’s too shiny and I don’t like that star pin thing on the side. But I like the fact that it’s not frilly, the sleekness is nice.

    Women getting married for the second time tend to keep it simple, so I can understand the appeal for the business-like top. All in all, this dress does not appeal to me.


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