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Gifts under £20

By admin on May 12th, 2006 0 comments yet. Be the First

Gift_2It’s generally considered pretty rude not to bring a gift to a wedding but not everyone can afford the hundreds of pounds that a useless crystal decanter costs. So how do you comfortably address the problem without sounding like a cheap guest or a patronising couple?

The ball starts in the couple’s court. When registering for your gifts, consider your guest’s pocket. No one ever knows quite how much another person earns or has as disposable cash. Don’t assume they want to splash out loads on your do – especially if they have already paid for long distance travel or don’t know you that well. It’s good manners to include several low priced items that all guests can afford. Don’t forget to thank your guests for the gift and never ever mention if you were dissapointed.

As for guests – it’s bad manners not to send a gift. If you want to buy something in your price range – check out the gift list as soon as you get your invite as you’ll get more choice.

Alternatively, you don’t have to get something from the list but do make sure it is something your friends/ relatives will like – this is not the time for ‘re-gifting’. You can find plenty of beautiful photo albums, luxury candles or picture frames for under £20, and these are generally well received. Gift vouchers to their favourite homewares store could be put in a card and given to the couple or you could even make a charitable donation on their behalf. If you know other guests you could always go halves on somethign together. The real point is to just make an effort.

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