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Wedding gadgets – disposable camera, iPod, champichute and Nokia N70

By admin on May 11th, 2006 1 comment

PinkdiscameraYou can get a gadget for anything these days – just check out our gadget blog Shiny Shiny for the very best. After the recently featured teddy bear shot gun (set to overtake confetti? Nah!) I began to wonder about what would make a good wedding gadget. I’ve rounded up four that cover the major bases – photography, phone, music and fun and none of them break the bank!

The disposable camera is an obvious one. Whether you want to save money on professional photography or just want to get together some blackmail candid shots of your nearest and dearest the disposable camera is a cheap and efficient way to do it. Pink camera £3.20 with processing. More photography here.


Can’t find a good DJ? Be your own with an iPod. Download your own iTunes, find some huge speakers and get the party started your way. Or if you want to get mushy, have your friends pick out the tracks that remind them of you. Just remember to vet their choices so there are no surprises! More music here.


I posted about the champagne bottle rockets on Shiny Shiny yesterday. The ‘champichute’ promises to catch your champagne cork and despoit it safely back to terra firma after it’s popped. A darn sight better than hitting a guest or yourself in the eye!Just imagine all those rockets simultaneously floating down. They would make a great keepsake too as they are reusable. £3.95 from The Sharper Edge.


Of course before you even get to the big day you are going to need to be able to keep in touch with your bridal party, ring suppliers and make sure your dress is ready along with a 1001 other pressing issues. So now is a good time/ perfect excuse to upgrade your mobile phone. The Nokia N70 might not be the most exciting of phones but I find mine stylish and easy to use. With it’s 3G capabilities and twin cameras you can do video calling; plus download and play music, web browsing, video and audio clips. More phones here.

I’d love to hear what gadgets you found indispensable in planning or on your wedding day. Leave a comment!

  • Miranda

    If you’re going to hand out disposable cameras at your wedding, be sure to tell guests not to all take pictures of the same thing! Otherwise you’ll have a ton of pictures of things like the first dance and the cutting of the cake. I read this somewhere and thought it was great advice!

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