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Wednesday’s Yay or Nay

By admin on May 17th, 2006 5 comments

YaynayflowersSpring is turning to summer and the blooms are starting to sprout… but does that mean you should plaster them all over your dress? Is this dress a Yay or Nay and why?

Last week’s gown was well received – you loved it’s drama – and one of you even correctly guessed the designer (well done Mai!). I didn’t want to sway your decisions by mentioing top names but yes, it was by Elie Saab.

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  • Nay.
    It’s a little too prom-like for my tastes. I think it would be better if it was just along the edges or the embroidery was a bit less sporadic.

  • Nay. It’s foul. Looks like some sort of hideous table cloth.

  • Jenni

    Hmm I’m not too sure about this one. I like the idea of it, but the embroidery design reminds me a little too much of the embroidered table cloths my granny used to sew. I think it has to be a nay.

  • Ok, stop holding back now… What do you really think?!

  • Nay. It’s not particularly vile, but I agree with Corrine that it’s a bit prom-like. The more of these starched satin dresses I see, the more I want to ban satin from my wedding completely.

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