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You May Know Kiss the Blog

By admin on May 26th, 2006 2 comments

YmkktblogI love surfing the web in search of new sites, especially wedding ones that I can share here so I’m really pleased to mention You May Now Kiss the Blog.

Written by Manhattan based Kate Adams, YMNKTB is produced in conjunction with WE television’s Bridezillas. Asides from the witty writing, what really sets the blog apart is the fantastic original animations (by Ka-Chew!) and sketches that illustrate Kate’s mission to marry on June 11th.

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  • “Kate’s mission to marry on June 11th” ?

    So strange, I’ve nothing about bridal bliss, but it seems so 1950’s, how trendy marriage and popping out babies are.

    If/when I get married, I’m totally rocking a tux. *

    * Note, my rocking a tux would be ironic, as despite my name I am a girl.

    Oh! The double irony!

  • Wear a tux – it’ll look cool.

    And I don’t think we should hold anything against people who want to get married or those who don’t. So long as they do what is right for them 🙂

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