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A cautionary tale for bridesmaids

By admin on June 29th, 2006 2 comments

Titanic1_1Ok, we’ve mentioned cutting corners with wedding outfits before and some of you may even be lucky enough to know a fantasic seamstress who can whip you up a fabulous gown for a lot less than a couture gown would set you back.

One bride set her heart on a dress for her bridesmaids modeled on a dress Kate Winslet wore in the Titanic. Very flattering, beautiful colours, great shape.

Unfortunately like the ship, the copycat dresses s(t)unk. The picture on the left is what the hopeful bride asked for. The picture after the turn is what the poor love was presented with on her wedding day.

Titanic2Not even close is it?

You can read about the Titanic wedding disaster here

  • Helen

    I have to say, I’m getting rather tired of hearing of disaster dressmakers. Doublewammy in two days with Wedding Belles dressmaker blamed for a normal dress problem last night, and this disaster today as a warning against ‘cutting corners’… I worked in a dress fabric shop for 6 years (that my mother owned, while I was at school) and there was a bride who (having had her bridesmaids made through us) had purchased her dress. When she went to collect it two weeks before the wedding, the price tag had doubled from £500 because they had taken the hem up and altered the corset for her. She came into the shop sobbing, without a dress, and we managed to get her sorted happily for no more than £300 all in. Wedding shops are astronomically priced (only very seldomly worth it) and there is a major flaw in this story if she hadn’t seen the makers’ work on others’ or her own dress until her wedding morning.
    Lay off the dressmakers and start ripping to shreds the overinflated prices of bridal boutiques for once! PLEASE!!

  • Hi Helen, thanks for taking the time to comment. This was posted before the episode of Wedding Belles aired and I should add, it is the first story of this kind to have been printed on Bridalwave.

    We do really champion the smaller designers and budget buys as you will no doubt see on the site. You will also have noticed many of the ‘Frock Horror’ designers are the big names.

    This is a cautionary tale because the author had seen the dressmaker’s work which was apparently fine. Unfortunately when these dresses appeared, after repeated assurances that they were great, on the day of the wedding, they were anything but. There is no problem with ‘cutting corners’ – we encourage it – but there is a problem with receiving and paying for something that did not conform to the brief and only finding out at the last possible minute.

    I would forworn all brides and bridesmaids to check their attire with plenty of time to account for disasters like this. And by all means, shop around!

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