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Cake toppers – charming, kitsch or a big fat no?

By admin on June 23rd, 2006 3 comments

Im_gonna_get_yaNow, I know you gals and guys are a classy bunch with good taste (you prove it week after week on the Yay or Nay) so I’m sure you probably won’t be picking up one of these charming cake toppers. They are funny though, in fact I’d probably be highly amused to see this ball and chain figurine on a wedding cake.

I must confess I’ve never been to a wedding though where the couple had a cake topper of any variety so I’m not sure if these things have had their day.

Buy at a Picture Perfect Wedding [Via God Awful Wedding Crap]

  • Corrine

    We’re going with something with a little less cheese, a little more class, and a whole lot less cash: a monogram cake topper []
    Though I would be highly amused with that cake topper – just not on my cake. 🙂

  • The nice topper you listed above has a website now:

  • Hi, I make wedding cake and themed toppers from polymer clay. I don’t think they’ve had their day, but I would say that wouldn’t I ?! 🙂 I started my business online and have been fully booked all year, and i’m currently taking bookings for next year.

    I think what couples seem to like, is the idea of something personal which doesn’t cost the earth and can be kept as a reminder of their day. I made my best friends this year, Zoe and Scott on my site. Their cake came from M&S and so the cost was cut quite drastically. Especially as I made her topper for free!

    All the best,

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