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Celebrity Pre-nups

By admin on June 13th, 2006 0 comments yet. Be the First

Brangelina_1In Britain the pre-nup means very little. It isn’t enforceable by law and it can’t even be guaranteed that it will even be looked at by the court in legal proceedings. Still, we don’t care about that do we? I’m sure most of you will be far more interested in knowing what goes into the celeb’s pre-nups – after all they have oodles more cash than us (and if that’s not so, then, er, lend us a fiver!)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – fresh from their baby making/ picture selling/saving the world shenanigans they have purportedly already drawn up a draft pre-nup, pre Shiloh, which ensures Angelina gets the kids. However, Brad didn’t have a pre-nup to his wedding to Jennifer Aniston but they had always kept their money seperate so they could hold onto their respective $100 million (him) and $80 million (her) fortunes whilst their joint assets (house, yacht etc) were divided up. Something tells me they didn’t slug it out over who got the toaster.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have already bashed out their pre-nup for the forthcoming ceremony (subject to Katie being thinner of course). Katie was helped out by her divorce-lawyer dad and will apparently get between $15 -$40 million. Sounds particularly nice considering Tom has such a sucky history with marriage – wife #1 Mimi Rogers was paid off handsomely and wife #2 Nicole Kidman purportedly got the largest Hollywood kiss-off ever. Good luck to #3!

Newlyweds, Nick and Jessica didn’t have a bean when they married so didn’t bother with a pre-nup. There’s a rumour that says Jessica’s dad always thought Nick would be the earner and so she would get more cash without a pre-nup. However, seeing as Jessica makes about $30 million more than Nick… Oops!

Britney Spears has a wise management team about her who insisted she get a pre-nup before marrying golddigger Kevin Thugerline, entitling him to only $300,000 per year of marriage. Definitely one of her smarter moves after all she had to buy her own engagement ring! Still we’re sure it wasn’t the money that attracted Kevin to $100 million heiress Britney.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been thoroughly grown up about their pre-nup. She confesses to not wanting to take an enormous chunk of the fortune he has built up but did have a $5 million ‘fling fee’ attached to their agreement should he ever cheat alongside nearly $3 million per year of marriage (eat your heart out Thugerline!) That’s nothing compared to the $45 million wife of 19 years Diandra got.

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