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DIY wedding cake from Marks and Spencer

By admin on June 9th, 2006 1 comment

Marksspencercake I can’t deny that some of the wedding cakes these days are amazing – absolutely wonderful creations that quite rightly cost at least three month’s ordinary food budget. But sometimes I do baulk at the idea of spending six hundred pounds on what is essentially just a fancy cake.

One current trend to justify the cost is to do without a dessert at the reception and instead serving up the cake as pudding. The other option is to buy a simple store bought wedding cake. The one pictured is a three tier fruit cake costing £50 at Marks & Spencer and serves 74 people. Embellish it with some great decorations such as a floral display similar to this style – your florist could produce something that matches your display – or top with sugarcrafted displays to give it the wow factor.

  • Claire Porter

    Can you send me details of the Marks and Spencer wedding dresses, What sizes will they be, when will they be out in the stores?

    Any details?

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