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Send us on honeymoon (aka the lengths some people will go to)

By admin on June 19th, 2006 2 comments

A_very_very_hopeful_coupleMost couples are usually more than grateful to accept a helping hand from relatives to fund their wedding. And if that dream honeymoon seems a little out of their budget, they may choose to scrimp on other details to have more cash to splash out on a dream destination. But not one English couple.

Wayne and Lyn, from the North West, are asking strangers to give them cash. The couple who have been together for over 13 years (and apparently not learnt to save during this time) hope to raise around £5000 to spend on a honeymoon.

Uneasy about asking friends and family to help out (yet not strangers) and burdened with a heavy mortgage (aren’t we all?) and loans, Wayne thought of the bright idea to sell words and links on a website for cash (that hasn’t been done before has it?)…

The top 30 donaters will have their names/logos printed onto T-shirts which the pair will wear to and from the airport and during their holiday (for around 5 seconds for the snap no doubt).

The pair say that they will donate 10% of the donations over £5000 to Cancer Research.

Confident bride Lyn said "We have to give it a go. Others have succeeded with web sites set up purely to raise funds for themselves – a form of online begging, really." Frankly this is the bit that really annoyed me. They are raising money purely for themselves and they are begging online, masking it with a shaky promise of a donation to a cancer charity whilst they sun themselves somewhere exotic.

Visit them online at Send Us on

What do you think? Cheeky entreprenaurs or beggar bowl hypocrites?

  • Corrine

    It churns my stomach when people raise funds for themselves online. I think its entirely selfish, and when its something as simple as needing cash for a honeymoon that is something that can *easily* be saved for. My fiance and I are a relatively young (13 years is more than half our lives) and we’re paying for the wedding (and honeymoon) ourselves. I understand wanting a dream honeymoon, who doesn’t want that? But here’s an idea – wait until you can afford it! Even if it means taking that dream vacation on your 10th anniversary.

    And I think the whole “10% of everything about ____” will go to charity is disgusting. Here’s a secod thought – how about 100% of everything above what you *NEED* for a honeymoon goes to charity. 10% is nothing. And its not even 10% of the whole shebang, it’s 10% of whatever is above the 10k (for us in the states).

    I could go on. But these people make me sick, and I’ve got better things to do than rant.

  • Caroline

    I think this is disgusting. Weddings of course are expensive (no sh*t sherlock) but surely the sentiment is about the vows you are taking not the 4 weeks bumming around in South Africa on Safari. (Not that I will be stinting on mine – but then again I will be paying for mine myself, from savings, from money I have earn’t) Different entirely if you ask for honeymiles instead of pressies or you touch up a family member, but begging is gross.

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