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Universal Contour Wrap – Easy way to lose those inches

By admin on June 20th, 2006 1 comment

Spa_1Many women will understand the struggle with weight issues and often brides use their wedding as the perfect goal-orientated motivator to help them get fit. After all, white is hardly a slimming colour is it?

One method of losing inches from the tummy and thigh areas is to have a body wrap at the beauty salon or a massage that encourages lymphatic drainage. Both help to reduce water retention as well as tightening skin. The result – an inch or two or more will ‘dissapear’…

The Universal Contour Wrap is popular for it’s results. It works by wrapping the soft tissue in bandages using special techniques to ‘lift’ the skin whilst sea clay (renowned for it’s excellent skin qualities) draws out toxins over the two hour treatment.  They say that female clients usually drop a dress size after a treatment – without losing any weight. They guarantee results for 30 days and have salons nationwide.

I wish I could say this was a surefire way to keep those extra pounds off but it isn’t as it is not a weight loss programme as they rightly state. Results last only a matter of days so if you need one little last boost to help you into your dress, this may be it.

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