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Yay or Nay Wednesday

By admin on June 14th, 2006 9 comments

Yaynay8It’s good to see that last weeks gown seemed to hit the mark with it’s pretty ruched bodice even if some of you weren’t so thrilled about the one shoulder/ drop strap look. It’s from Suzanne Neville.

On to this week’s pick – the ruching hasn’t just stuck to the bodice on this silk dress, instead it cascades down into an A line but it is more subtle in it’s gathers. The skirt peeking underneath is made from metallic French lace. At the back the overskirt swirls upwards into a handmade corsage of roses plus the wrap is beaded to match.

Is it a Yay or Nay and why? ( I know there is a half naked man lounging around in the picture but don’t base your answers on him!I suppose I should add the disclaimer that I didn’t pick this dress just because of him either… Honest!)

[It’s Yay or Nay across the Shiny blogs today, so don’t forget to vote at Trashionista, Shiny Shiny (coo! a new one!), Catwalk Queen, The Bag Lady and Shoewawa too!]

  • Nay – the ruching is just way too much. It makes me think of a Mr Whippy ice cream.

  • Nay! I’ve never liked ruching, and this is all the ruching ever ruched in the world on one dress. It does have a pretty shape though.

  • Nay – I LOVE the top section, but the bottom just looks….off. something’s not quite right with it. it would have been better if the top were ruched and the bottom were just smooth satin or something.

  • Nay – it’s just horrible. Looks like it would add a good few inches to your bum size as well.

  • Nay. Toilet roll dollies ahoy!

    There’s ruching and then there’s ruuucccchhhiiiinnnnnggggg!

  • Cass

    Nay, I’d rather NOT wear a toilet brush to my wedding

  • Paula

    Nay. The dress looks like a half-melted meringue.

  • Charlene

    A definite nay. An upside down ice cream cone?


  • Miranda

    She looks like she’s covered in whipped topping. Are you sure you didn’t mean to put this in the stripper wedding section?

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