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Cox and Cox Fortune Wedding Favours

By admin on July 31st, 2006 2 comments

Fortune_sticksHow many of you order Chinese take out just to see what the daft fortune inside your cookie will be. Will my ship hasn’t come in and I haven’t met any tall, dark, handsome strangers (none that didn’t want to sell me something anyway) but I live in eternal hope. Anyway, surprise your guests with fortune sticks inscibed with an invidual message tucked inside their napkins. £14 for a 78 pack at Cox and Cox

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  • Heather

    Hello, we have tried to order the fortune sticks from cox&cox but unfortunately they are out of stock but I wasn’t sure if we can order through you whether by chance you have any in stock or if you just pass the order on direct to cox and cox. We need them by the 23rd February 2007 at the latest.

    Manythanks for your help


  • Heather,
    We are not a shop. We don’t take orders, pass on orders or have any affiliation with any vendor mentioned on this site.

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