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Debates – Eloping

By admin on July 26th, 2006 5 comments

Aeroplane_1I’m glad to see in last week’s debate that you will happily wear whatever colour you please to at your wedding. No traditional showing of purity for you!

This week’s debate centres on eloping. These days it seems to be termed ‘destination wedding’ which gives the couple the option of either inviting or escaping from friends and family. But imagine you were to dissapear off on holiday, just the two of you and got married at the same time? Have you deprived your family of the chance of seeing you get married and does that make you horribly selfish? Should you have a wedding with everyone there if you don’t want that just so they can be there?

I know that’s a lot of thoughts so I’ll open up the floor to you. What do you think of eloping?

  • RosieC

    I thought it was a good idea, until i was on holiday (not to get married) and saw assembly-lines of couples getting wed. Very unromantic I thought. And can you imagine having your entire family on your honeymoon?? Yuk. Have a small wedding, begging poverty if you really don’t want to invite that many people

  • sebastian

    I just wanted to say, the worst thing about the internet is that when I read the headline for this post, I thought “eLoping?” Is that where you get married online, like a virtual wedding?

  • Sebastian – the definition of eloping is ‘to run away with a lover, especially with the intention of getting married.’

    I doubt virtual weddings are legal though you could get yourself ordained over the net for the purposes of conducting a marriage.

  • sarah C

    My husband and I, didn’t exactly elope, but we did have a very small wedding. It was just our parents and us, and we got married in Gretna Green, which is a long way from the seaside town in the south east in which we live. We did this as we had been together for 13 years and lived together for most of those, and we just felt it wouldn’t be right to have a big wedding. Also we wanted to get married for us, not so everyone else could have a big piss up at our expense. We had a wonderfull day, and i would do it exactly the same again!!

    P.s friends and family that wern’t there were still very happy for us.

  • My boyfriend and I are planning on eloping. His father passed away and my mom passed away last year of cancer. I feel like if we can’t have everyone there with us, then we want it just to be us. We will be throwing a reception when we get back to celebrate with our loved ones, but since my mom can’t be there, I want that moment to be only mine and my fiance’s.

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