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Debates – money

By admin on July 12th, 2006 1 comment

Money_2It’s good to see that you’ve got strong opinions on the wearing of wedding rings. To paraphrase MacKenzie, a ring is a standard and easily recognised token of marriage. However if you do work with dead fish you can be reasonably let off…

So this week I’m talking about money. Cash, dough, lolly, filthy lucre. Brits have a wierd aversion to talking about money but not today! One of our fellow wedding bloggers was recently lambasted for talking honestly about how much she was spending on her wedding and whilst I didn’t see the exact figure, it’s certainly more her business than mine! Bearing in mind that the average wedding costs £17,000 in the UK and the cheapest is the bus fare to the registry office and the licence fee (less than £50 I think) how much is reasonable to spend on a wedding?

Here’s some options to get you started –
1. No debt for me! – Under £5000/ $9000?
2. I don’t want to compromise on a lovely day – £10,000/ $18,000?
3. My day is worth paying extra for  – £15,000/ $27,000?
4. You only do it once, right?! £20,000/ $36,000 plus?

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    I think it really depends on the price of your wedding as relative to the amount of savings and income. If you’re spending a million on the wedding but you’ve got a billion in the bank, then no big deal. But if you’re spending 20,000 on credit and you make 30,000 a year – then it’s poor money management, and thus unreasonable and ridiculous.

    Posted by: Corrine | Jul 12, 2006 2:53:39 PM

    We’ve spent £4814 so far, and all we have left to get is a couple of helium canisters.

    Includes: venue (stately home for 48 hours), notices, registrar fees, cakes, flowers, dress, suits, rings, but not catering (parents are getting that at a cost of £900 for 75 people).

    So yes, it can be done classily on a small budget. It’s taken a year’s savings between us, and is not going to put us in debt at all. I don’t think people should go into debt just for one day. I have an acquaintance who’s spending over 20 grand, and she’s unemployed… sigh.

    Posted by: Tanya | Jul 12, 2006 5:59:52 PM

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