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Debates – should you wear white?

By admin on July 19th, 2006 7 comments

Greatgreen_1Wearing white bridalwear is a long running symbol for purity and virginity, signifying that you haven’t been up to naughties before your wedding day. We’ll ignore that the white dress also stood for enormous wealth at the time of Queen Victoria who pioneered the trend in 1840. Of course, these days it’s more than likely that brides have sampled the ‘goods’ before committing to buy.

So should brides still wear white?

Is it an old, antiquated tradition that nobody seriously believes in anymore… otherwise most of us would be in scarlet?! Or should you only wear white if you’ve waited? What do you think?

  • Melanie

    When I went dress shopping last year for my wedding gown I saw this beautiful crimson dress with gold embroidery and a long sweeping train. It was a gorgeous piece of fabric. I ached for that dress (but my budget wouldn’t allow me to buy it). Anyway, that dress made me change my mind about *tradition* and all that jazz. I think the dress should be a reflection of your personality and not your carnal experience. So even if you’ve had a dozen or so lovers, you should wear white if you want to 🙂

  • hippiechic

    I think you should wear whatever color makes you feel wonderful and beautiful. Some people don’t look good in white but are stunning in black or red; some want to wear traditional white at their third wedding – I say, anything goes.

  • I like white. I’m wearing white because I want to, and also because I’ve “had my colours done” and white is a good colour for me to wear. I came *this* close to wearing blush pink, but it didn’t work with the rest of my colour theme so i decided against it. I couldn’t have worn red or anything I don’t think. Too strong.

  • Miranda

    If I ever get married to my long-time boyfriend, I plan on wearing a purple dress, a-la Dita Von Teese.

  • Rosie

    I got married last year and I wore a scarlet corset with black lacing. I did go vaguely traditional by teaming it with a pale pink floor-length skirt, but it looked fab (although I would think that). I had a scarlet veil too. No-one seemed overly offended, it was much cheaper than getting a tradional meringue and I can wear it again.

  • Nony Mouse

    Umm… white may be thought of as a symbol of purity now, but it used to symbolize joy.
    (married in blue, you’ll always be true;
    married in pearl, you’ll live live in a whirl;
    married in green, ashamed to be seen;
    married in red, you’ll wish yourself dead;
    married in white, you’ve chosen aright;… etc)
    Green was associated with the fey and bad luck, not chancy grass stains. But once upon a time, it was still just the best dress you had at the time that you wore at your wedding. The Ostentatious Dress That Could Only Be Worn Once symbolized the monied Victorian classes. Prior to Queen Victoria’s wedding, royal brides wore… cloth of silver. I plan on wearing white, because that makes it easy on anyone trying to find the bride.

  • Kat

    The dress I chose for my wedding simply didn’t look right on me in white – but in light gold it looked fab so I went for that. I would have gone for what ever looked best for me.

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