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Debates – Wearing rings?

By admin on July 5th, 2006 7 comments

Hands2_1It seems you care not about cake but hopefully we’ll get a proper debate going this week. This week’s discussion centres around a conversation I had with my other half a few days ago as we talked about wedding rings and what did I like. I asked him if he would wear a wedding ring and he pointed out that men from his culture didn’t.

So I ask you – are wedding rings that important and if you’re married, should you wear one? Or would you not wear a ring and expect your partner to be happy about it? What do you think?

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  • Corrine

    To me, a ring is a must. Even if it’s not a part of someone else’s culture, I say you go with where you live. If you live in a place where people get rings, and she/he would be presumed as unmarried without one, then a ring it is!

  • MacKenzie

    I do tend to think of a symbol as required. A necklace or a bracelet might be appropriate, but a ring is standard, easy, and generally recognized.

    My beau and I are running into some problems with the way people interpret rings, too. He wants an engagement ring, too. I think that’s only fair, but the both of us are worried that we’ll be sending out the “wrong signal” to people we meet.

    My mother’s husband won’t wear a wedding ring, and it really bothers her. I don’t know how much it would bother me, provided there was another symbol of our commitment that he carried with him. No symbol? Well, I’d feel a little silly.

  • I would definitely wear a wedding ring, and hope my partner would want to do the same. If not, I’d guilt trip him into it mwhaha!

    Whenever I see men on the tube wearing weddding rings, it makes me smile. I just see it as them being more committed, sentimental, and romantic, the type of man I’m after.

    My father doesn’t wear a wedding ring, and my mother isn’t too bothered by it, but it bothers me. I just think it’s fair for both sexes to wear one. When I hear arguments from men about wearing rings being ‘gay’ I laugh – how dumb can they be!

    When I get married, I’m going to insist on rings for both myself and my partner. Now I just have to convince him…

  • Mirym K

    Wearing a ring all the time is just BEGGING to get it damaged or lost if you’re the spastic types like my fiance and I are. I don’t think either of us is going to have a problem leaving the rings at home now and then.

    Besides, I do work in a seabird aviary where, among other things, I prepare dead fish for the birds to eat and wash their droppings off of rocks. Not a job you want to have anything nice on for!

  • Mrs.Logan

    I would be seriously concerned if my husband refused to wear a ring – the only outward signifier that you are attatched for life to someone. Ever read thoses stories about cheating husbands caught taking their rings off by detectives hired by the wife, well your huband would be well ahead by NEVER wearing one.

  • MacKenzie

    As a reply to Mrs. Logan, I would hardly think that a ring would make much of a difference to a man who was going to cheat anyway.

    I suppose you could argue that the necessity of removing the ring would add some pang of guilt to the act, but I don’t necessarily think that guilt is a deterrent in most cases.

    For me personally, I wouldn’t ever want to hear “Well, honey, I was going to cheat on you, but then I remembered that I was wearing this hunk of metal and that reminded me of you, so I didn’t.” I’d rather hear about how my feelings and our relationship were on his mind, rather than the wedding ring serving as something of a nag.

  • Dramadora

    Personally I like the idea of giving my partner a ring to symbolize the connection between us and that we belong to each other. So to me I wouldn’t be comfortable for him not to wear a ring.

    On the other hand I’m unsure about wearing an engagement ring as I hate the idea of being ‘taken’ or ‘claimed’.

    Are there engagement rings for men? Then I might be more willing to wear one!

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