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Frock Horror #22

By admin on July 28th, 2006 3 comments

Frock_horror_22A fantasy gown essentially sounds good, right? It’s the dress you’ve always dreamed of, a breathtakingly beautiful dress of unrivalled glory… or in actual fact, it’s busier in style than Topshop during the sales, has all manner of fussy swags and tails, an apron down the back, prints galore, a shiny bodice with more lace than your Gran’s sofa, big puff sleeves and a head that appears to have been photoshopped on to it. Much like this one in fact.

If you fancy a laugh, take a look at the rest of the pictures (got Wedding Gowns/ "Cinderella") There’s a particularly vile one of the bodice too.

Have a lovely weekend! See you next week!

  • Paula

    The Lady Jolene, in my opinion, this the worst one. The one above pales in comparision.


  • Am I sick in the head, cuz I actually kind of like the Rosebud gown…

  • Lady Aria

    I went to the website with the fantasy wedding gowns. I happened to think that most of them are quite beautiful. Anyone with a braincell, let alone a whole brain and some form of fashion sence would and should appreciate the hard work people go through to make those gowns.

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