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Real Brides – Isabel

By admin on July 18th, 2006 0 comments yet. Be the First

Isabel_2You may recall our plea for brides to feature on Bridalwave and I’m pleased to say that we had a fantastic response. In the first installment of our new Real Brides feature, I chatted to newlywed Isabel and found out how she managed to plan an entire wedding in a mere two weeks.

Hi Isabel! Tell us about yourself…
I’m a 24 year old travel consultant and I’m married to Matthew who’s 25 and we have two kids, Cecilia is 18 months and Oliver is 4 weeks old.
How did you meet Matthew?
Believe it or not we met on the internet, it was on a community for South Africans, Aussies and Kiwis and we got to talk for a while and then decide to meet up… people tend not to believe that love can start on the internet, well I’m living proof that it can!

How long did it take you to plan your day?
It took me only two weeks to plan my wedding, although we knew we would eventually get married things didn’t go quite as planned and we had a baby before getting married, it was all worth it but I still wanted to have a proper wedding so one sunny day me and Matt got up and decided to go give notice at the registrar. She said we had to wait 2 weeks and that we could choose any date from then on, we thought we would only invite our most close relatives and get married without a fuss so we chose to get married straight after the two weeks notice period. When I got home I started thinking about my wedding and I wasn’t happy, I said to Matt that if everything went well it would be the only wedding I’d have so I actually wanted to do it properly, they were probably the most stressful weeks in my life but I don’t regret anything!

Gosh you are organised! What did you wear?
My outfit was very simple with spaghetti straps and a rose. The wedding was in April during the day so I wanted something very elegant but as simple as possible.


Where was the ceremony/ reception held?
The ceremony was held at the registrar’s office which happened to be in a beautiful listed building in Merton Park and then the reception was in a hall’s garden, we were lucky to get married in a beautiful sunny day!

Did you have a theme, if so how did you carry it through?
The only thing were the colours, everything was white and purple/lilac from my flowers to the cake and the favours etc. We had the 5 sugared almonds in a beautiful lilac bag.

Who paid for the wedding?
We spent about £1500 with everything including hair and make-up done by professionals, photographers, hall, dress, flowers and decorations. We paid for it; we didn’t want to ask our families for it!

What was your best bargain?
I think everything came as a bargain to be honest apart from my tiara that cost around £200 but other than that everything was really good, even my dress cost me only £200 and it was perfect, just as I wanted!!

What did you serve at the reception?
We had canapés, champagne and cake, nothing too much but ideal for the nice weather!

What would be your best tip for brides-to-be?
Be very organized, pen and paper should become your best friends. Whenever you go somewhere you should take them with you in case you need to remember how much something costs later. Do your homework and don’t worry if you’re in a hurry or in a tight budget most people understand that different people have different circumstances and it’s easy to deal with it.

If you could do the whole day again, would you do anything differently?
Yes, I would have had a bridesmaid which I didn’t.
Did you go on honeymoon?
We went to Brazil and it was absolutely amazing!
Isabel, Matt and their guests.
We hope you enjoyed reading all about Isabel’s wedding!

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