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Colour Themes – Popular Ideas

By admin on August 14th, 2006 1 comment

ColoursIt seems almost funny that deciding on the colours for a wedding can turn into such a hard job. But colour is something that is so very personal, isn’t it? It characterises not only our personalities through our tastes (or lack of) and moods but also sets the tone for the whole proceedings. I’ve picked out some popular colour themes –

White – an obvious one. Can be mixed with any of the colours below but on it’s own, it can be a little plain.
Black – Perfect for evening and black tie weddings. Plus black accessories can be worn again. Black flatters everyone too!
Brown – Avoid murky brown and go for chocolate hues for a warm, moorish theme…

Pink – Ala Jordan and Peter. Go the whole hog in hot pink and you’ll have your real live Barbie fantasy. Or go for light pink for a summery, feminine look.
Red/ Burgandy – Great for winter weddings as it is a dramatic, warming colour that evokes good cheer and the festive spirit. Do make sure you don’t start to look like Santa though!
Green and white– Light green is best for the spring season ‘new buds’ idea. Light, crisp and refreshing. For floral arrangements mix white roses with leafy green foliage.
Citrus brights – Perfect for bold brides who want to make a splash with colour. Go for individual table settings by tumbling lemons, limes and oranges together.

Do feel free to add to this list in the comments…

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