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Debates #10 – What do you hate most about Wedding Planning?

By admin on August 23rd, 2006 3 comments

Pen_paper_1Last week I asked you who will walk you up the aisle. Some of you plan on asking your father whilst others are in a quandry about not wanting to ask him but feeling they must. I think is really a case of doing what is important for you rather than following convention. A decent parent may be dissapointed but will understand.

This week’s debate is pretty open ended and a chance for you to vent! I want to know what you hate most about wedding planning? Is it the endless searching for suppliers? not being able to make final decisions? or too many people wanting to ‘help’ and force their ideas on you…? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to vote for the Yay or Nays across the Shiny fashion blogs.

  • Hmm things I hate about wedding planning…
    1. The choice actually. There’s so many vendors for every little aspect, I hate the searching for better prices, not being sure you got it as cheap as you can.
    2. the way everyone suddenly has a topic to talk to you about “so how’s the wedding plans going…”
    3. the way the costs just keep building, seemingly without even trying!
    4. the tradition- that while I could be different and do something else, it’s that I WANT it to be traditional. Wrap your head around that one.

  • i seriously cannot be the only one that hates the planning.

  • seven7seven

    What I find that I hate most is the feeling of being swindled or bamboozled. Vendors know that wedding planning involves emotions and they prey on that. That’s right, I feel like prey. I have even bold faced lied to vendors, and said it is not a wedding or anything wedding related to see what their rates are….and WHAT A PRICE DIFFERENCE!!I hate it!
    I agree with the previous comment of COST! Its insane how you have to put down huge deposits for services that you will only receive on this ONE day or AFTER the DAY!
    Oh I am just so hateful…GRRR

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