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Debates #8 – Should you buy the Bridesmaid’s Dress?

By admin on August 9th, 2006 3 comments

Pound_signPicture this scene – you’ve planned your day to the nth degree, you’ve asked your favourite gal pals or relatives to be your bridesmaids. They are delighted of course and happy to be part of your entourage. You chose the colour and style of the dresses and then you stick them with the bill. Is this fair? Should your bridesmaids bear the cost of the outfits that you picked out and they will only wear once? Or should you picck up the tab and add it to your growing budget?

Take a few minutes to leave a comment and let us all know what you think!

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  • well in my case, the girls are paying for their own. But, I’m having them made, and the silk we picked was only $15/m (AUST $$) so the fabric works out about $90 AUS altogether plus the making.
    But-My friend is a BM and their dresses are $450 AUS$ and they have to pay for them and I think that’s WAY OTT, I would never have done that to my girls.

  • Erin

    I’ve already chosen a style of dress for my three bridesmaids, but as I’m in the UK and they’re in Australia, the actual finding of said dresses won’t be for a while. As for who will pay – I’d say that it’ll depend on the cost. I’m having a very budget (but still glamorous!!) wedding, and as they’re aware of that, they’re happy to pay for their dresses, as they’ll get to keep them. My promise to them is that the dresses will be in a style that will really suit them; that they’ll be able to wear the dress again for other formal affairs; and that I’ll make sure that they’re reasonably priced (less than $150AUD). If the dresses go above that cost, I’ll foot the remainder; or, if I have room in the budget, will cover half. Fortunately for them, I’m a bloody good bargain hunter, so I might be able to pick up some fab gowns for much less than $150AUD 😉

    Reading the first comment, by Dataceptionist, I can’t believe that those poor BMs are having to foot $450 for a dress! (I hope it’s a reusable style!!) I realise that beautiful dresses don’t come cheap; and that it’s expected that the dresses be in a style that the bride wants.. but still!! I don’t know many girls back home who’d be willing to pay $450 for a one-day-wear dress; and if I were that bride, would be offering to cover at least half of that price tag out of courtesy.

  • Caroline

    I just think it is wrong to ask someone to perform a duty for you and to make them buy a dress that they potentially wouldn’t normally buy (however much you involve them in the selection process) I know that most bridesmaids are bound to say they don’t mind but I have seen too many people having to pay a fortune for a dress they will never wear again. We are paying for our wedding and don’t have much cash to throw around but I’ll be damned if they have to pay for their frocks.
    Now shoes – that’s a different matter, but again if I insist on putting them in something that is a totally bonkers colour etc then I would be happy to fit the bill. I get so angry about this that I have to stop now before I turn into Bridezilla.

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