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Debates #9 – Who will walk you down the aisle?

By admin on August 16th, 2006 3 comments

AisleLast week I asked you if you should buy your bridesmaid’s dress or if she should bear the cost. It’s all down to the cost and your manners it seems. Don’t lumber the bridesmaid with a huge purchase price for a dress that she may not like and may only wear the once – it it isn’t fair.

This week’s question is how important is it for a family member to walk you down the aisle? Will you only consider your dad or will another male relative step in? Or will you ask a woman, perhaps your mother to do the honours. Maybe even a close friend that you value?

Or are you going it alone? Comments are welcome (you don’t even have to fill in your real name and email if you would prefer to do it anonymously!)

  • my dad’s walking me down the aisle. He’s a very gruff sort of man, of few words and he’d never make comment on any of it, but I’m sure secretly he’s massively chuffed to be doing it. He’s traditional about some things. I’d never consider asking my mum, i love her to pieces, but she’s a little traditional about these sorts of “big” things too. I think it comes down to your own values and those of your family. I’d probably only have someone else if my father had passed away, and then I’d ask my mum, but if my mum wasn’t there either I’d go it alone I think!

  • Ariana

    This is actually an issue that I am battling at the moment. My parents divorced when I was very young and my mom raised me. She is an amazing person and one of my best friends in the world. My dad was in contact with us as I was growing up, but I do not feel that he had anything to do with my upbringing. Despite all that, he feels a sense of entitlement regarding this wedding. I’ve said for a long time that I don’t want him to walk me down the aisle, but I don’t want to insult him by having someone else do it. Although I had wanted my mom to walk me down, I am probably going to “go it alone” to spare his feelings but still hold to my views.

  • Amanda

    I need help with this one! I come from unique family. I wish that it were as “simple” as a divorced one. I was raised by my grandparents. They are my parents. My grandfather died a couple of years ago. He would certainly be the person I would choose. I am not close to my biological mother. I do know her and I see her from time to time if a lot of my family is together. Her husband is not my father (I do not know my biological father). I consider my grandmother my mother, but I am not particularly close with her, but much closer with her than my biological mother. But, I want her (my grandmother) to light my side of the unity candle set… so if she is doing that, it seems hard to have her then walk me down the aisle. I certainly don’t want to do it alone (I hate the all eyes on me feel… I know it will be like that all day, but at least an escort will buffer the feelings). So I don’t know who should walk me. I have a man that I have known since middle school that could. But I’m afraid that will cause a lot of hurt feelings (though none will be spoken because my family does not share feelings very well). Eeek, any response would be a great help… [email protected]

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