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Real Brides – Stacey

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StaceyWhen Stacey married her husband, David, both from County Durham, after four years together she didn’t know that her wedding dress was just the start of a flourishing business. Since buying her dress online with a limited budget, Stacey was not only relieved to find it was perfect but was also inspired to set up Bridal Haven. Now she imports dresses to the UK from the USA, China and Italy.

Stacey’s own wedding dress has already had some fame when it was featured in a community exhibition of wedding dresses from the 1940s up to 2005.

Hi Stacey! Where did you meet David?
David and I had known each other for years but we lost contact for a long time. Whilst I was at school I was working part time in a newsagents and David called into the Newsagents on Christmas Eve. I hardly recognised him, but we went out on a date and the rest was history!

Tell us about your guests. Was there a dresscode?
Many people choose a theme and ask even their guests to stick to it but I thought people should be able to wear what they want to; clothes reflect personality and I know if I had been told I had to wear something I probably wouldn’t attend. I must admit my Mam was the most beautiful woman there (including me!) and wore a gorgeous cream trouser suit from Wallis. She looked gorgeous! Most of the men wore black suits and it was a very warm day so many female guests wore pretty summer dresses.

Did you have a theme, if so how did you carry it through?
We used a red and white theme throughout the wedding (except the guests!) I wore white and carried red roses and my maid of honour and bridesmaid wore red and carried white roses and my flower girl (niece) was a miniture version of me wearing white with red roses. All decorations were red and white and the cake was white with red rose decorations.

Everyone always wants to know who paid? You don’t have to say how much unless you want too!

We had a very limited budget of about £2000-£3000 altogether and I must admit everyone chipped in. My Mam and David’s Mam chipped in and any family member or friend who had some sort of skill or any way to help did. My cousin drove us in his car; the cake was made by my grandmother and decorated by a family friend. My Aunty did the buffet for the night party, another Aunty did all the hair. Most of the family helped with organising, decorating, and other tasks and we were very lucky to have the help we did.

What was your best bargain and your most extravagant purchase?

My biggest bargain was  my dress which I paid just £300 for and was beautiful. The most expensive thing was the church believe it or not. I had alway wanted a church wedding but for a non profit organisation they charge a lot of money! I am religious and I don’t believe that getting married in God’s eyes should cost that much. Afterall I am sure God doesn’t see any of that money!

What did you serve  at the reception?

We began with soup (I wanted prawn cocktail but David doesn’t like it!), We then had chicken with trimmings (A dish everyone likes!), and had gateaux with cream for dessert followed by coffee, mints and cake.

If you could do it again, would you do anything differently?

My only regret is that since I was a little girl I had always dreamed of having a horse and cart but it was £450 and there was just not enough money left. We plan to renew our vows in a few years and would like this luxury we do that!

Did you go on honeymoon?
We went to Gran Canaria on our honeymoon and stayed in the most luxurious hotel on the island. The nicest part was that the hotel had a spa which was great! There was record temperatures the week we went and we both got badly burnt!

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