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Wednesday’s Yay or Nay

By admin on August 2nd, 2006 7 comments

Yay_nay_2augSo, I guess you didn’t like last week’s dress with it’s detached sleeves? It was a unanimous nay (except for Linda who said yay even though she pointed it was mostly cack – nuff said!) It’s by Eva Haynal Forsyth is you want it.

This week’s dress is a designer number and a lace extravaganza. I can see this looking very pretty on prim, romantic types. But as always, it’s down to you to put it on a pedestal or rip it to shreds. Do you love it or hate it and why? And for extra points, how much do you think it costs?

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  • Nay – it looks like a doily or one of those toilet roll covers. Aa for price… well you said designer so I’ll guess £2,500?

  • Cheryl

    Nay, I’m thinking granny’s plastic table covers.

  • Nay. Looks like a table cloth. A bad table cloth.

  • Corrine

    Just when I thought I’f have trouble matching my table cloth from last week, you’ve found me some lovely curtains to go along with it!
    (Though it appears that everyone else would prefer it on the table :-p)

  • Nay. I think a friend’s mum bought something like this material at a market in Majorca.

  • nay, too much lace. yuck.

  • Paula

    It looks like a table cloth pinned up, and the designer just hoped for the best.

    £3,500? I’ll be shocked if it’s more than £4,000.

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