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Yay or Nay Wednesday

By admin on August 9th, 2006 7 comments

Yay_nay_9augLast week some of you valiantly tried to guess the cost of the lacey number even though it was a unanimous Nay. Would you be surprised to learn it is by Oscar de la Renta and priced at $12,400?After you’ve all gathered your composure, lets move on.

What I want you to vote on this week isn’t so much the dress itself but the dress and the bag and the wrap. Is there such a thing as too much accessorising or is it a well coordinated look? Is it a Yay or Nay for you and why?

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  • Nay. The bag and the wrap make it look evening gown, prom dress like. I think it’s too much. She should be holding flowers, not a purse.

  • Nay – its just too much. Brides have some form of head adornment and flowers. This mught be okay for the bridesmaids if it were toned down a little (though I still wouldn’t be sure about the bag).

    And I’m shocked by last week’s price!!

  • Zenkitty

    Nay. Housewife is right, looks like a prom dress. Brides don’t need wraps and bags, they need flowers and veils! She would want a coordinating purse like this if she’s doing a “money dance” at the reception but she shouldn’t be carrying the purse all the time.

  • anna

    nay. have some creativity, sheesh! the only bride who should be allowed to be this boring is one that’s 5 months pregnant, is working full time, and can only afford to shop at david’s bridal. ICK.

  • well yay for me, I like a nice bit of co-ordination

  • well yay for me, I like a nice bit of co-ordination

  • Gag. Nay for a bride. However, I can see a 16 year old prom-goer completely searching for SHOES to match as well.

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