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Frock Horror #29

By admin on September 15th, 2006 2 comments

Frock_horror_29Just when you started to get worried about how long the top layer of wedding cake would keep or indeed, just how to avoid getting that honeymoon baby, along came the condom wedding dress. Yes, that thing in technicolour glory to your left is made from condoms.

Of course, I do get that it is either a) a joke b) created by some looney fashion student c) some kind of prop in the battle against STDs but seriously such a monstrosity?! It would have looked so much better in white. Well, maybe not. Still, we should thank goodness for small mercies in that it may be lubed so you’ll get it on and off easy! Big woo for that! Woo woo!

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  • Mirym K

    I remember reading about the girl who pioneered clothing made from condoms.

    If this is her doing, it’s a combination of b and c.

  • Jael

    I know a woman took condoms rejected by quality control at the factory and made dresses out of them to raise awareness for World Aids Day. They weren’t supposed to be worn, of course.

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