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Plus-Size Wedding Dresses

By admin on September 6th, 2006 2 comments

Alfred_angeloI’ve just read an interesting article by Julie Sabatino at looking at the problems brides face when searching for a plus-sized wedding dress. The first problem she identifies is actually being able to try on a dress. Stores frequently stock sample gowns in US size 10 but as bridalwear runs small, the actual size is closer to a US size 6. This is immediately discouraging, despite designers usually offering dresses up to a size 22, but again there’s a snag. The extra fabric comes with an extra cost but then, wouldn’t you rather wear a gown that fits than one uncomfortably small?

(This satin strapless dress is by Alfred Angelo £649, sizes 8-32)

Sabatino then goes on to identify the dress shapes that are most flattering to plus-sized women and suggest the fabrics that are best which include stiffer materials such as duchesse satin, taffeta and silk shantung. She recommends avoiding flimsy fabrics like crepe and chiffon because they cling exactly where they shouldn’t.

Plus-Sized Wedding Dresses Article

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  • Corrine

    The “lack” of plus-sized dresses to try on can be easily compensated for by doing just a little research beforehand. By making yourself aware of the many (and I do mean MANY) designers who carry plus-sized wedding gowns and then looking at the shops that carry those designers, you can find stores that carry larger samples. While sometimes you still find yourself squeezing into a dress 5 sizes too small to get an idea of what it will look like (On the other hand – the smaller gals have to imagine what it will look like when it fits more tightly!) you certainly can find stores that are carrying a wider variety of sample sizes.
    Additionally, I found that the whole “dresses run a few sizes smaller” to be totaly crap too. Its not your size that is the problem – its your body shape that makes the difference. But even a cylindrical gal like myself was reccommended a gown size that was 2 sizes smaller than my street wear.
    Finally, the extra cost varies by designer, and is generally relatively minimal. After spending $800, whats another $20? And again the reverse ends up being true – some lines that are designed for the plus size gals charge extra for sizes below the typical plus sizes.
    The point is that I don’t want plus size gals to be discouraged before they even start looking. At first I was *terrified* by the potential rejection I would face going into a store and being told there was nothing there for me. But my dress search was a *wonderful* experience with plenty of dresses to try on (about 45 in total, at two different shops) and staff that were just as thrilled to be helping me as they were any other bride.

  • anne-marie

    I was dreading the actual search for a dress as I am a UK size 20-22 and had a complete nightmare when I was a bridesmaid for a friend a couple of years ago. I couldn’t try anything on that came anywhere close to fitting (the assistant even tried to get me to try on a size 10 despite my protestations that it wouldn’t even get past my hips!), and on the day the dress was a little tight, to say the least (it looked fine but I couldn’t breathe!). But…when it came to getting my wedding dress it was easy. My Mum and I went to one shop, where they had quite a lot of dresses I could try on, and I found The One there and then. And it is really not expensive, in fact Mum and I were very pleasantly surprised (however I have just bought a v expensive pair of shoes!). So my advice to plus size brides to be is do not despair, there’s loads out there for you, but it might be worth checking with a shop in advance if they stock larger sizes.

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