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Yay or Nay Wednesday

By admin on September 6th, 2006 9 comments

Yaynay6sept_1Last week I asked your opinion about a high waisted, mandarin collared dress. It got the thumbs up! You can get it from Soucy by Lara Helene and the style name is ‘Elvis’ uh-huh.

This week I want to know whether this butterfly damask dress in an all over print gets a Yay or Nay? You’ll either love it or hate it but let me know either way (lets make it our best ever yet record for posting ladies!)

[Don’t forget to vote at Trashionista, Corrie Blog, Catwalk Queen, Kiss and Makeup, The Bag Lady, Shoewawa, Shiny Shiny and look Hippyshopper have got one too!]

  • Mirym K

    Normally I hate print fabrics–especially for wedding dresses–but I think this is actually kinda cute. I don’t like how it flares out at the top, though… it makes it look like it was made for someone larger and doesn’t fit properly.

    Yay, but just barely.

  • Kate

    actually, yay. I really like the way the split in the skirt breaks up the pattern.

  • Alison

    Nay – the print is too much but I like the split

  • Helen

    Hmm, there are a lot of things I like about it….I like the shape of the bodice and the skirt, I like the skirt split at the front and I like the print, but not together. The print is perfect for a summer ball dress, so it is a nay from me!

  • Nay! It looks like someone droppd kitkat wrappers all over it…

  • I love the shape and the split in the front, very classic-with-a-twist. But the fabric. Where to begin! It looks like it’s been made out of an old pair of curtains, Sound of Music style.

  • It’s a yay I love it but oh dear nay I couldn’t get into it from me.

  • I love it! Definitely a yay from me!

  • Ooh I love it, YAY

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