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Frock Horror #35

By admin on October 27th, 2006 2 comments

Frock_horror_35_1I’ve been scouring the bridalwear designers website so you don’t have to and I’ve found another frock horror lurking amidst the pretty gowns. When you look at the top half, it actually looks ok. A bit boring maybe but certainly wearable. Then you look down and see that the skirt has dissapeared to be replaced with net. Why? Who knows. Imagine if you nicked your leg the morning of the wedding or had lumpen, unshapely calves?

Still out of all the Frock Horrors we’ve visited over the past months, this wins the ‘Least Repulsive’ title. Lofty praise indeed.

£799 at Berketex Bride

  • Man, I just LOVE your sense of humor – much needed at this point in the year!

  • Mirym K

    When there’s netting more than a few inches below the solid part of a skirt, it always looks to me like someone tried to match a long slip with a short dress, which is (to me) vaguely in the realm of wearing a clingy, low-cut spaghetti-strap garment over a big, wide-strapped bra. Ill-advised all around.

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