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Here Come the Bridesmaids – But How Do You Choose Them?

By admin on October 25th, 2006 6 comments

Bridesmaids Choosing attendants was mercifully easy for us. My fiance’s little niece has been desperate to be a bridesmaid ever since Terry and I started going out, and, well, it would have been a shame to disappoint her, wouldn’t it? We’re having her and one of Terry’s nephews, and that’s it. No adult bridesmaids for me: for one thing, we couldn’t have afforded them, and for another, it would be almost impossible to know who to pick.

So, how did you do it? Do you have a long-term best friend who’s always been promised the job, or did you have to pick and choose – or even just throw caution to the wind and have all of your friends at once?

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  • I’m having 4, and was blessed that they were easy to pick. My MOH is a friend, two are my sisters (neither are MOH because then I REALLY couldn’t have chosen) and the last is my cousin, who is an only child and has no other family on her mothers side, so this may be one of the only times she gets to be a Bm! She’s been fantastic though, couldn’t ask for better.

  • Alexis

    Mine were super easy too. I’ve got three. My MOH is my sister. The others are my “cousin” who is a family friend I’ve known since she was born, she’s like another sister, and my best friend who I’ve lived with for the last 7 years. I’m moving out and in with my fiance next month, it will be the first time her and I haven’t lived together since before college (whoa). The planning is just beginning but they are all really enthusiastic, I also couldn’t ask for better.

  • Mirym K

    Most of my friends are guys, and most of my fiance’s friends are girls, so frankly we have no clue what we’ll be doing in that regard.

    Thank goodness the wedding’s still a few years off.

  • Caroline

    Mine was a simple process – My little sis (not so little but little to me) My gorgeous niece who is like another sis and my 13yr old god daughter. Now it was tempting to have a couple of mates – but I did find the list starting to get out of hand (you know you have one person and you have to end up having another three) so whilst I would have liked to have 2 more it started getting complicated. Also I am paying for their dresses so cost is a factor. I have had a load of mates that have had to pay for their dresses when being a bridesmaid and I just don’t get it…another debate methinks???

  • I picked the three of my female friends who have been most supportive of me since I moved here to the UK (they’re back in Australia). I’m still considering asking a fourth, but that might be a bit TOO much.. but I have a wide group of mates, and I’m hoping to get everyone involved in some way or other, because it makes the day more special.

  • Fi

    I’ve just gone for my best friend as my bridesmaid and my niece and nephew as my flowergirl. As far as adult bridesmaids go it was either one or about 7 so the choice was easy!! She is fantastic and supportive, and another huge advantage is that our taste in clothes is very similar so dress shopping was a breeze!!

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