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Johnny Depp to Marry Vanessa Paradis

By admin on October 2nd, 2006 1 comment

Johnny_deppLong time partners Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are apparently going to make honest people of each other says Star magazine. Of course they condensed that nugget of news into ‘Johnny Depp’s WEDDING’. Yeah, we heard you! Depp has of course been engaged a zillion times but he does have children with Paradis so maybe, just maybe, it’ll happen. I wonder if he’ll turn up as Captain Jack Sparrow. Arrrrr!

  • Katherine

    I think that its great that he is getting married to the person that he loves. I mean who cares how many times hes been engadged it doesnt really matter. If it does to some people then they are nuts! If he truly loves her which he would have to if her were going to marrie her then thats great. If he didnt love her then he probly would have found someone else to reproduce with. So thats just great and i wish them both the best.

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