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Nice Day for an Ebay Wedding?

By admin on October 9th, 2006 3 comments

Agentprovocateur_3 Amber writes…

I know this probably falls firmly into the "too much information" category, but ever since Camilla wrote about this Agent Provocateur ‘Diva’ bridal corset, I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to find a more affordable version. The original isn’t on the Agent Provocateur website any more, and even when it was, at £230 it was just a little bit out of my bridal lingerie budget (and when I say "a little bit" I mean "a lot"). Could I find a cheap alternative, though? No, I could not.

In fact, I couldn’t find a corset I liked at all, and as my dress still needs some alterations, which will be best carried out when I try it on with the right lingerie, I was starting to annoy even myself with my indecisiveness.  Enter eBay…

Last week, as I was frantically scouring the net as part of the Great Corset Search, I pulled up eBay and typed in "Agent Provocateur Diva corset", not for one second expecting to hit gold – or ivory, rather. But I did! Up came the very corset of my dreams, brand new, with tags, in my size, and at a starting price of just £30.

From that moment on I was a woman on a mission. I watched that corset like a hawk, and as of 18.22 this evening became the proud owner of one Diva corset. My "refresh" finger will never be the same again. It got me thinking, though. As a seasoned eBay addict (and, yes, a shopaholic), I’ve thought nothing of searching for items for my wedding on eBay (although I must stress the phrase "brand new with tags" in this particular case. Even I draw the line at "pre-loved" lingerie.). I know lots of women who’ve even bought their dresses there, some of them new, some of them second hand, and I know loads more who wouldn’t touch the site with a bargepole when it comes to wedding shopping.

Now, many people believe that it’s bad luck to wear a second-hand wedding dress, particularly if the bride who wore it first ended up divorced. Personally, I think that getting the dress of your dreams for a bargain price seems like pretty good luck to me, but I know lots of people would prefer everything they wear on their wedding day to be brand, spanking new. So what do you think about eBay weddings? Would you be happy to have your wedding dress as your "something old", or do you worry about bad luck (or just a bad fit)?

  • Helen

    I’ve been using Ebay a lot for my wedding….although mainly for inspiration and comparison prices than anything else. I’m not sure if I would buy my dress on there But I haven’t found THE dress yet, it might be completly different if I see it at a fraction of the cost! However I have bought my wedding shoes – pink glittery heels – once worn and needing a replacement heel. They are perfect and a bargain at £15 although they are a little tight but I’ve got 9months to stretch them……!

  • I am insanely jealous that you got that corset!
    I think ebay is a great way to get a few bargains but everything would have to be new to tempt me.

  • Angela

    Anyone know of a website about getting everything for their wedding from ebay??

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