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Showing the Groom Your Dress

By admin on October 17th, 2006 4 comments

457548_beautiful_dress What would you do if your groom decided he wanted to see The Dress? Mine, you see, has been a very "hands on" kind of groom. Although everyone warned me I’d probably struggle to wrench his attention away from his playstation every time the wedding was mentioned, he has surprised me by being very much involved. Almost too involved. You see, Terry has now decided that he’d like to be involved in every aspect of the wedding – and that includes The Dress.

Actually, this problem first reared it’s head back when the dress hunt was still going on. Terry couldn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to join in the search – particularly strange considering he’s never shown the slightest interest in fashion before in his life.

Once the purchase had been made, though, and the dress was in situ at my parents house, he became even more puzzled. Why couldn’t he see it, he wanted to know? And, given that we’re not even remotely superstitious and I don’t buy the "bad luck" thing for a second, I was initially at a loss to tell him why not.

Having thought it over, I think the real reason is simply that I want to see the look on his face when he first sees me come down the aisle. (I’m really praying it will be a positive look. I have a horrible feeling he’s expecting me to turn up dressed like Jessica Rabbit or something…). At the risk of sounding horribly sentimental, I want it to be special, and I think the moment would loose something if he’d seen me walking around the house in my wedding dress for months beforehand.

So, what about you? Has your fiance seen your wedding dress, and would you let him if he really, really wanted to?

  • my fiancee hasn’t seen mine, but I remember when I found it I was bursting to tell him all about it I was so excited. It’s not quite finished yet now (2.5 weeks out) but the desire to show him is considerably lesser and he hasn’t asked. I’m pretty sure cos he knows he’s not allowed to see : )
    I’m with you on the “look on his face” thing. I totally feel that, I want to hide until the last possible moment, even behind the Bm’s hehehe.

  • Oh, me too! My mum took some pictures of me in the dress the first time I tried it on, and I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t allowed to show him!

    That said, he *has* seen my shoes, and likes them. The only problem with that is that my shoes are gold and I’m sure he thinks the dress must be gold too (it’s actually ivory, but will have a gold sash), because he keeps on mentioning how much he thinks I suit gold. Now I’m terrified that he’ll be really dissapointed when sees me…

  • Kathryn

    My Fella has seen the shoes, tiara, and necklace and the planned hairstyle. And he’s had a fair description of the dress – but I can’t quite bring myself to show him an actually picture or the dress it’s self. The problem is I really want to show it him, I want to see the look on his face, but don’t like having to wait for the big day (I still hunt for my chirstmas pressies early). 6 months seems like ages to wait to see what he thinks of it….

  • Fi

    I’m not letting anyone see my dress before the big day, apart from my bridesmaid and my mum who were with me when I was shopping for it. The same goes for the bridesmaid dress – we are keeping the whole thing secret, even down to what colour she’s wearing. What other occasion will we ever have a chance to really got for the “wow” factor!!

    As far as my fiance goes, I too had to restrain myself from showing him pictures when I found “the dress” as I was just so excited, but he is happy to be traditional about it and wait till the big day.

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