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Taking the Veil – Will You?

By admin on October 10th, 2006 8 comments

Taking_the_veil_2 We’re not having a particularly traditional wedding so it probably comes as no surprise that I’m not going to be wearing a veil. So far, a lot of the people I’ve mentioned this to seem to have assumed that I’m going without the traditional headdress "just to be different", but the reality is a lot less subversive: I just think it would look funny on me.

I’ve never actually worn a veil, of course, but I suspect it would make me feel like I was in fancy dress, which would, in turn, make it difficult to relax. I’ve never wanted to turn up at my wedding wearing a "bride’s costume" – just a killer dress (and, of course, equally killer shoes), and veils have never really been a big part of that for me, as much as I think they can look stunning on other people.

I’ve noticed, though, that I don’t seem to be alone in this. Whereas it used to be the case that a beautiful veil was as essential as the groom for those in the throes of planning a wedding, I’m noticing that more and more brides are choosing to wear a tiara or fascinator instead, or to go bare-headed. Is the veil becoming a thing of the past? Are you going to be wearing one?

Oh, and for those of you who are wearing a veil, the one in the picture is £44 from The Wedding Veil Shop.

  • bridey

    No veil for me but this is because i don’t think it would suit the style of my dress. I’m not a tiara person and I have a slight horror of feathers too, so am thinking of going with dramatic diamante clip or demure silk flower. Actually quite difficult to find alternatives to veils or tiaras that don’t contain (ick) feathers!

  • I quite like the idea of a veil even though I’ll never marry in a church but I don’t think I’d feel right having one cover my face. I’m not sure why though.
    And like Bridey says – what is with all the feather fascinators?!

  • bellamac

    No, definately not wearing a veil, agree with you that I would feel like I was in fancy dress.I’m going to go for a mini crown type thing, possibly one of Chantal Mallett’s gorgeous creations ( if I can justify the price!!!) They’re just so gorgeous and funky and appeal to my inner goth! The problem is I also want one of her dresses too, and that is just going to have to remain a dream……

  • Pen

    I never had any intention of wearing a veil, even before I knew what my dress was like. Wearing a veil seems so not my thing, and I’m not a fan of the symbolism of the veil, and I think, on your wedding day, what you think of the symbols is just as important as the symbols you use.

    Which is why I’m wearing red and not white, actually.

  • I’m wearing a veil (feel like a weirdo now) hehehe.
    I’m not having a train on my dress and I’m hvaing a cathedral veil instead, I really like how they look actually, and I tried one on a few days ago for basic style and putting it on really made me feel like a bride in the way my dress doesn’t. I’m only wearing it for the ceremony though, and even then the groom is {pushing it back? Removing it? Throwing it over my head? What is the terminology for that action? maybe Lifting?) as soon as I reach the bottom of the aisle before anything happens as the veiled concept is archaic we think. Then I’m having a fascinator for the reception : )

  • Aww, don’t feel like a weirdo, Dataceptionist – like I said, I think they can look stunning with the right outfit, it’s just that mine isn’t the right outfit for one. Love the fascinator idea, though, although yes, I have to agree with the comments about feathers.

  • char

    I’m not wearing a veil..neither a tiara. sometimes if your dress is so beautiful already you don’t need the extra accessories. it takes away from the beauty of the bride and the dress. Walking down the aisle in a veil will make me feel ghost-like and wearing a tiara is too prom-like. Be unique…The average bride does the tiara an veil business. It does’nt mean you have to.

  • Fi

    I’m not doing the veil thing either – and am not sure I’m keen on a tiara either. I never ever put my hair up or wear anything in it, so it feels wierd and also I’m very tall and I did try on veils and tiaras and found they just added height.

    I do like the idea of doing something just slightly different though so may go down the flower/sparkly clip route, but any bright ideas would be v welcome!

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