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The Night Before: Where Will You Be?

By admin on October 26th, 2006 4 comments


Despite mulling it over for the past few months, I still can’t decide where to spend the night before the wedding. Current thinking is that I’d feel more comfortable staying with my parents, but we’re getting married in a hotel, and it does seem more practical to stay there the night before, and not have to worry about transport/being late/getting lost on the morning of the wedding. (If I do stay with my parents we probably won’t hire a wedding car, and as our venue has no parking, and is in a very busy, touristy little village, I keep having visions of me standing on a street corner in my dress while my dad circles endlessly, looking for a parking space).

One thing I do know for sure is that Terry and I won’t be seeing each other before the wedding. He’ll stay at our house, and I’ll be with my parents or at the hotel. As with everything else in our wedding planning, we’re not doing this for the sake of tradition or superstition – just because we want to make the day itself that little bit more special.

It’s actually the only part of the wedding I’m not really looking forward to, because we’re not used to being apart, and I’m sure I’ll miss him loads. Are you spending the night before the wedding with your fiance, and if not, where will you be spending it?

  • melissa

    i’ll be with my folks the night before! My guy will be at home with his brother. It’ll be a nice last hurrah.

  • My thoughts exactly, Melissa 🙂

  • Caroline

    Well this is an interesting one, we are getting married at my fiance’s family home and so naturally he is keen to spend the night there, (to be honest his bed is about as comfy as a sack of spuds so he can have it!) But I do feel a bit depressed at the idea of getting married from the hotel. I couldn’t spend the night with my Fiance though – not just because I am a massive traditionalist but I will be hell on a stick for everyone and so it is probably best we are apart (boo hoo) But the hotel – it troubles me some what it has to be said….

  • Zumma

    I live an hour away from my parents home. My Mother is more interested in making sure my Brother, his wife and baby are transported to my parents home, as they have no drivers license, instead of staying with me the night before, and allowing me the Bride to go to her own hairdresser. My Mother wants me to do the compromising, and it’s supposed to be my wedding day…………sad in Montreal.

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