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Will You Be “Given Away”?

By admin on October 12th, 2006 1 comment


For most of my life, I’ve been faintly horrified by the idea of brides being "given away" on their wedding days. It’s always seemed like such an archaic and demeaning tradition, to pass a woman from one man to another, like a possession, and definitely not in keeping with the modern wedding I had always assumed I would have.

No one was more surprised than me, then, when we started planning our wedding for real, and I realised that suddenly it didn’t seem so bad after all. We’re still having a modern kind of wedding – no church, no veil, no adhering to traditions just for the sake of it. I will be being walked down the aisle by my dad, though, and although he won’t exactly be "giving me away" in the traditional sense of the word, he will be right there beside me.

I’m not quite sure what changed my mind on this one. I think it was possibly just the realisation that I wanted my dad to play a part in the day, and that, as his only child, this will be his only chance to do it. I know he’ll be as proud as Punch when he walks me down the aisle, and that’s become one of the moments I’m most looking forward to.

So, I’m wondering now what you all think about this one. Will you be "given away", or will you be going it alone?

  • I’m being walked down by dad, for the same reason I think, cos I kow my dad will be quite chuffed even though he won’t show it

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