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Bridal Beauty: Fake Tan

By admin on November 21st, 2006 3 comments

Fake_selftan_350_2 I’m a redhead. A redhead who lives in Scotland. As you can imagine, my skin’s not so much white as it’s pale blue, and while the "pale and interesting look" is all well and good, even my beloved husband-to-be admits that yes, I look better with a bit of a tan.

Because of my very pale skin, of course, I have never actually had a natural sun-tan. I’ve been being slathered in SPF 30 since I was a baby, and, good girl that I am, I have kept it up religiously. So I use self-tan – or, rather, self-tan moisturiser. Johnson’s Summer Skin  (or "Holiday Skin" as they seem to be calling it) is my fake tan of choice: it’s just dark enough to take the white glare off my skin, but not dark enough to make me look like I’ve been tango’d, and in the summer, or on special occasions, I’m rarely seen without it. Will I wear it for the wedding, though?

Well, probably not, to be honest. I don’t think I can risk it. Yes, over my years of self-tanning I’ve become something of an expert, but one thing I’ve learned is that if a fake tan is going to go streaky, it will always happen at the worst possible time. My wedding day would definitely count as "the worst possible time for fake tan to go streaky," I think.

Spray tan booths? Been there, done that. The one time I tried to book a spray tan, the salon owner talked me out of it when I turned up for the appointment. The tan goes on clear, and dries extremely fast, she said. On skin as pale as mine (I really wasn’t joking about the "white glare" thing), any mistakes would be painfully obvious. I opted out. Remember the scene in Friends where Ross decides to get a spay tan and it all goes wrong? Not quite the look I was after, either.

I’ve also briefly considered going for a professional tan application: Fake Bake or St. Tropez or the like. Neither particularly appeals: I want a bit of a glow, not a full-on Tango treatment, and I’m not sure I could trust even a beautician not to leave me streaky.

What are you doing? Are you a fake tan queen, or will you be keeping things pale and interesting?

  • Anne-Marie

    Pale and interesting for me – I really don’t want to stress about being streaky!

  • geri

    I use Fake Bake or Rodial and will definitely be applying some before my wedding! I’ve become a bit of a fake tan pro so feel confident it will go to plan! All I have to do is remember to avoid sun bathing before the wedding! Tan lines is a big no no on your wedding day!

  • Lee-Anne

    I am the same as you, Scottish with blue/white skin and freckles!
    I have tried so many different tans and by far the best one was Fake Bake. I had it applied in a salon for going on holiday as I didn’t want to stand out as the Scot abroad!! The colour was beautiful, a caramel tone and not at all orangey! I would get it done in a salon before the wedding to see if you like it, which I’m sure you will.
    Good luck!!

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