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Bridezilla Moments

By admin on November 2nd, 2006 2 comments

103764988_b2ec7db720_m So, have you had a Bridezilla moment yet? Go on, be honest – I won’t tell…

I honestly didn’t think anything about wedding planning would ever be enough to push me over the edge. I mean, who can get stressed about flowers and pretty dresses? Not me! Or so I thought. On Tuesday evening, as regular readers know, I had my first dress fitting. And it did not go too well.

The fitting was the first time anyone other than my parents had seen me in The Dress, and as my parents are (understandably) biased, I was un-prepared for how critical our seamstress would be of my choice. Don’t get me wrong: she thinks the dress will be stunning once it’s been altered. It does not, however, look stunning at the moment (I’ve lost weight since I bought it, and it was too big even then), purely because it doesn’t fit me properly, and somehow seeing this through someone else’s eyes was a little bit depressing. In fact, make that a big bit depressing.

The good news: it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Our seamstress is a very talented woman, and once she’d pinned everything into place, and shown me exactly what she’s going to do, I started to feel a lot better about it all. The bad news: I’m not going to be able to wear my beloved Agent Provocateur corset. It’s too thick, apparently, and doesn’t work with the dress, so no corset for me. Needless to say, I was gutted, and also embarrassed: I mean, who knew such a little setback would be so disappointing?

It didn’t quite qualify as a Bridezilla moment, I don’t think, although I have to say, I was surprised by how very disappointed I was by the whole experience. Maybe I am a bridezilla in the making? Maybe this is just the start?

Any other trainee Bridezillas feel like sharing the shame? Or is it really just me?

  • Calyx

    I think we all have an inner bridezilla – it’s not us, it’ the system. I have detected a bit of a Jekyll/Hyde situation at the place where I bought my dress. When I talked to them about when to have the fitting, suddenly all the things that were very easy to change at the time I bought the dress, turned out to be quite complicated.
    I found a solution through rudeness. In other words, a wedding is an experience that changes your life in more than one way.

  • BBKiddo

    I had a total bridezilla moment when my first choice of reception venue called to tell me that I had been bumped for a member. It was full on steam coming out of the ears and obscenities fyling our of my mouth until the woman finally hung up on me. Givin the circumsatnces though I felt justified =)

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