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Emergency kits for the bride

By admin on November 27th, 2006 4 comments

Ek911_ft_mid We’ve already featured some emergency bridal items, here at Bridalwave, but as the day itself grows ever-closer, I’ve been finding myself frantically adding items to an increasingly long list of "just in case" items which absolutely must accompany me to our venue – and, in some cases, must be purchased long before the wedding itself.

Top of the list at the moment is a pack of Compeed patches and an industrial pack of Zovirax. I get cold sores maybe once every five years or so, but if I’m going to get one I would put money on it arriving a couple of days before the wedding, so these are absolute must haves. Other things on my list:

1. Vitamin C tablets

2. Echinacea (to boost the immune system)

3. Lemsip

(As you can probably tell, I’m anticipating getting a cold, too. Or not, once I’ve dosed myself up with this little lot!)

4. Pocket sewing kit for any sewing-related emergencies that may crop up

5. Band aids

6. Tampax

7. Breath mints

8. Asprin

9. Nail polish and file

10. Makeup

11. Deodorant

12. Hairbrush

13.Spare tights/stockings

14. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Many of these (such as the makeup, deodorant etc) are things I’ll be packing anyway for our overnight stay at the hotel, but I still can’t help feeling there are some things I’m missing. What are you putting in your wedding day emergency kit?

(If you can’t be bothered putting a kit together by yourself, incidentally, the one in the picture is a ready-made kit which you’ll find for $22.95 here. There’s also a whole selection of different kits at Wedding Depot.

  • Another thing you might want to add is a set of emergancy wedding rings… just in case they’re lost or forgotton, you have a fake pair!

  • Brooke

    Don’t forget a straw, so you can keep yourself hydrated without messing up your lipstick.

  • Oh no, Ashley! I’m now consumed with the thought of losing the rings! A fake pair definitely sounds like a good idea – I don’t think the budget would stretch to real replacements (although if they’re diamond ones, I could be persuaded!)

    Brooke – great idea! I would never even have thought of that, and I have trouble getting my lipstick to stay on my lips at the best of times…

  • Aprille

    I brought 2 rolls of paper towels to where I was getting dressed. I had read somewhere about planners having them in their kits. 1 roll under each arm for a minute or so took care of any dampness deodorant didn’t.
    My Chic of Honor had eye makeup remover – essential for when I screwed mine up.
    I always try to carry a sheet of fabric softener to fight static in hair, skirts, etc.

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