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Long engagement or short engagement?

By admin on November 29th, 2006 3 comments

Ring_1 We’d planned on having a reasonably short engagement of probably no more than a year, but then circumstances intervened (my fiance became ill and we decided to set up a business), so by the time we get married we’ll have been engaged for just over three years, and will have been together for just over six.

The more I chat to other engaged couples, though, the more convinced I become that there is no "norm" now – and probably no "right" or "wrong" length of engagement either. We’re getting married at the right time for us (although I sometimes wish we’d waited until we were richer, if only so that I could have bought the Tiffany & Co ring in the picture. Then again, we’d have been waiting a very long time if we’d made that our aim, I suspect!) – we’ve had more than enough time to enjoy being engaged, and now we’re looking forward to being married. What about you? How long was your engagement?

  • Mirym K

    It’s going to be a long time for us. We’re planning to finish college and grad school first, then try living together for a year or two, and THEN we’ll start really getting the wedding put together. Really, it’s not even in the forseeable future because of how long that’s going to take (which is a good thing, since we’re only 19 and 20 right now).

  • I think a longer engagement is better (1 year or more).

  • Laura

    I don’t think the length of the engagement says all that much about the prospects for the marriage. It may or may not say something about the couple — we set the date only about 5 weeks before we got married. We’d agreed to get married a month or so before that, I think, but hadn’t bothered to go further with it.

    But then, we knew we were planning a small wedding, at a guaranteed venue (my mom’s place), and that we didn’t want to be fussed with details. We’re casual folks. 🙂

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