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Preparing for a New Start

By admin on November 8th, 2006 0 comments yet. Be the First

Wedding_2 While lurking on one of the wedding forums I frequent this morning, I was struck by the number of brides-to-be who view their wedding as a whole new start in life – and the different ways in which they’re preparing for that new start.

For many, something almost like a nesting instinct seems to be kicking in, and even although they’ve been living with their future husbands for years, they’re throwing themselves into last minute house renovations and wide-scale spring cleans so that they can feel like they’re really "starting afresh" after their weddings.

I have to admit, I probably fall into this category myself. Terry and I will have been living together for over three years by the time our wedding comes around, but as the date grows closer, I’ve been starting to stockpile paint and developing an unhealthy interest in soft furnishings. (No, I’m not pregnant, before you ask).

I’m also planning on doing a big clean on the week of the wedding. Yes, I really am that crazy. In my defence (or maybe not, actually), I’m something of a neat freak anyway, and I always do clean the house from top to bottom before going on holiday. There’s an obsessive compulsive part of me that just couldn’t relax on that white sandy beach if I knew I was coming how to a messy house, and I’d hate coming home to a pile of chores.

This time around, though, I think my need to clean the house has more to do with the wedding itself rather than the honeymoon, and a lot to do with that "new start" the women on my forums have been talking about. How are you preparing for married life?

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