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The rise of the honeymoon list

By admin on November 30th, 2006 5 comments

Tahiti20couple We’ve spoken already about gift registries, but today I’m wondering whether anyone’s used a honeymoon registry, and what you think of them?

Honeymoon registries have been around for a few years now, but they’ve yet to reach the level of popularity of the more common gift registry – perhaps because people are still wary about what is, effectively, asking for money as their wedding gift. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, a honeymoon registry works in much the same way as a gift registry. Guests are sent a list (normally held on a website) of different "gifts" the engaged couple have picked out, but instead of buying towels, toasters and other household items, they buy elements of the honeymoon. You could, then, simply make a contribution towards the cost of flights and accommodation, or you could pick something a little more tangible from the list: buying the couple a meal for their first night on honeymoon, for example, or paying for an excursion while they’re away.

With more and more people choosing to live together before they marry, and hence not requiring many of the traditional "setting up home" wedding gifts, a number of companies have clearly spotted a gap in the wedding market, and offer bespoke honeymoon registry services. Websites like Traveler’s Joy, Honeymoon Wishes, and The Big Day Travel all allow wedding guests to log on and purchase the gift of a honeymoon in advance of the wedding – and there are plenty more where those came from?

So, what do you think of honeymoon registries? Did you/would you use one, or do you think it’s a little cheeky to be asking your guests to pay for your honeymoon?

  • Honeymoon registries are great! I used one for my wedding… and my guests loved it. It was easy and gave our guests information about our honeymoon. We had been living together for over a year and really didn’t need or want pots and pans, etc. We really needed some help with the honeymoon and I really believe guests want to give you something you need, not something you’ll throw in the garage. I highly recommend it! Giftpile was absolutely exceptional…they were helpful and very responsive.

  • Sluggo

    I also used Giftpile and have no regrets. We’re both in our 30’s and I’ve been steadily employed since before I turned 18. Between us we had 3 sofas, 3 beds, formal China, three sets of flatware, professional grade cookware and kitchen knives, a slow cooker, a roaster, a toaster, two microwaves, a Cuisinart, two blenders, a head start on stemware, untold sets of linen and towels, two HDTV-ready televisions, a rental property — you get the picture. About the only thing we don’t own is a car –were we supposed to ask for a convertible? I usually tell folks at Christmas time not to bother — I don’t need or want much and can’t store much else. At this point in our lives, if we really needed something, we’d already have it.

    Only in the West are people hung up about giving money. My Asian relatives didn’t consider anything else but cash. If people want to give you stuff at a wedding, then you may as well ensure it’s something you want or need. If you’re in our position, then consider using two registries — a standard gift registry and a honeymoon registry. The hand-wringers will go standard, most of your friends will use the honeymoon registry, and a lot of folks will opt out of both and give cash anyway.

  • Biochic

    We also used Giftpile….. Fantastic! We had a fabulous honeymoon, sent all of our guests photos of the outings that they sponsored, and didn’t get bogged down with “stuff” either — people either used the honeymoon registry or gave us cash. We got lots of compliments and couldn’t be happier! My only regret is not being able to do this for every occasion (birthdays, holidays, etc) – it’s so much better than stuff! Thank you, Giftpile!!

  • Fi

    We were dead set on doing this but when I mentioned this to my folks they were absolutely horrifed and affronted by the mere idea of it, which I was really taken aback by. It just seems crazy to me to have a giftlist of household stuff we neither need nor have space for…i guess it’s just the generation gap and we’ll probably end up having a giftlist for my parents friends and then a honeymoon one for our friends – anything for an easy life!!

  • Jana

    We used and found it to work wonderfully wiht our friends and family. Great service, site design, and flexibility.


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